Our Story

Opening a can of worms.

It all started with one broken can opener followed shortly by another. When looking for the third can opener, we just wanted the good one. And it shouldn't be hard. 

The tin can was invented over 200 years ago in the same decade as batteries, steam trains and the light bulb. While these other products have seen incredible improvements the tin can has seen virtually none. Even the can openers of today haven't really changed in over 150 years. So where are the good ones? And why do we have to search through thousands of junky ones?

While it began with the can opener we started to notice a pattern. Instead of necessarily getting better, everyday essentials had become either cheapened or over-designed. A reality we refused to become accustomed to.

Too much unnecessary choice.

Unfortunately, this is a topic we know quite well. We used to consult for large multinational consumer companies - household goods, food staples, kitchen appliances, and many more - helping them manage their brands and product portfolios. Working on the front lines with the tricks and tactics of marketing and retail wars - playing fast and loose with the facts or creating intentional confusion. While our work was helpful for our clients' efforts, we often felt a misalignment between solutions that worked for our clients and what we truly wanted as shoppers.

So we took our intimacy with this mess to be part of the solution.

Just get the good one.

We want to create a different kind of shopping experience. Radically different. No unnecessary choice or useless innovations. No deceptive messages or fake claims. No price manipulations. And when you take all of this fluff away, what's usually left is a good product that works and doesn't hurt our wallet or the environment. Paired with a simple and pleasant shopping experience. We call it Godmother.

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