Delivery & Shipping

Where do you deliver?

Firstly, we will ship wherever you are and use USPS Priority for fast affordable delivery.

We also offer quick and easy, same-day local delivery in the Tacoma area. This service is available from Monday-Saturday.

Our delivery rates.

We currently service the following zip codes fro Tacoma, Fircrest, and University Place: 
98402, 98403, 98405, 98406, 98407, 98465, 98466, 98467. 
More areas coming soon - register to stay updated on your zip code.

Text Ordering

How do I text my order?

If you have not previously shopped with us, register your number. 

Then, all you need to do is send us a text with the items you need. Really, that's it. Like when you text someone to grab something for you from the store. Just send something like "hand soap, paper towels and laundry tabs" and we handle the rest.

It can be one text or several texts. You can send your entire list right now or build one up over a couple days as your list develops. We will confirm your selections when you're ready to checkout.

Our number is 937-343-6847 (which is WE'RE GDMTHR on your keypad). Or you can download our info straight into your contacts by clicking the button below.

Add our Contact to your phone

How do I checkout and pay?

Your text messages are turned into an order on our side. When you are ready to checkout we text you a link to securely process payment on your own device. We never see any card or payment information. If you use Apply Pay or have your accounts stored on your phone, its as simple as using your thumb.

Are my payment details secure?

Of course! We use leading e-commerce software to securely process payments and manage your customer accounts. You have control of all your personal information.

Do I have to subscribe?

Nope! You can order what you need when you need it. No subscription lock-in. Never run out and never have too much of your household products.


Will you ever spam or sell my number?

Absolutely not! We know its a lot to ask for someone's phone number and our entire business rides on mutual trust - we would never jeopardize that.

So while your phone number is one big ask at the beginning, we hope you'll agree it's better this way in the long run and aligns our business model with your personal privacy and seamless shopping experience.


Why don't you tell us what brands I am buying?

For a couple reasons, really. We believe that focussing on the right product is more important than getting caught up in branding. This simplification also makes it easier to find the products you need.

In addition, some of the brands we sell ask us not to list their brand for online competition purposes. And for consistency across the product list, we keep it focused on the products themselves.

Guarantee & Returns

Do you really guarantee everything you sell?


When we say "just get the good one" we mean it. It's our goal to keep life simple and stress-free. We do that by making sure simple products don't take over anymore of our precious time and energy than they need to. Rest assured, you will only get quality products so you can spend more time on things you'd rather be doing. If you aren't happy, we will give you your money back.

How do I request a refund or issue a return?

If you aren't happy please contact us with your situation. We will happily refund your purchase price if an item doesn't meet your expectations and will coordinate a return delivery if a return is necessary.