Be fully equipped.

Make the most of your home without the cost or clutter.

Our growing list of household appliances gives you access to everything needed to turn your home into a well running machine. All available on-demand and picked-up when you are done. 

Create Home-Made Delicacies

Ice Cream Maker

Have some fun and make your own ice cream. With a built in compressor you can make batch after batch.

Use our Whynter ICM-15LS

Bread Maker

Turn your recipe into a perfect loaf of fresh bread.

Use our Zojirushi BB-PAC20

Coffee Grinder

Perfectly ground beans for  preferred brewing method, ground fresh. 

Use our Baratza Virtuoso

Prep Ahead of Time

Vacuum Sealer

Seal your freshly ground coffee or the bounty from a successful fishing trip or bulk purchase.

Use our  Nesco American Harvest VS-12

Canning Equipment

Canning is simple and fun, but the equipment is massive. Save some space and use it when you need it. 

Use our canning set

Sous Vide

Perfectly cook any cut of meat or fish.

Use our Chefstep Joule

Entertain Like a Pro

Large Stock Pot

A large professional grade stockpot great for big meals and entertaining.

Use ours.

Large Wok

A large professional kitchen grade wok can withstand prolonged use & high temperatures.

Use ours.

Large Dutch Oven

Extra large to fit some extra portions or large cuts of meat.

Use ours.