Toothbrush: One for You, One for Charity

Godmother bamboo toothbrushes were designed to be eco-friendly and sustainable, but we didn't stop at that...

Did you know? Oral health is just the beginning of a healthy gut and digestive tract? Infections of the gums and the related bacteria can cause problems further down the gut if not addressed. Regular cleaning and brushing is an important step in avoiding these preventable diseases.

Helping those in need: For most people brushing teeth is a daily habit that keeps their health in check, but for the most vulnerable segment of the population - the homeless, it's often unattainable, which causes & escalates health issues. That is why for each toothbrush you buy, we donate one to Tacoma Rescue Mission to be given to a person in need.

TRM is one of the most important players in Tacoma when it comes to providing shelter, resources and hope to the individuals and families experiencing homelessness. It's been around since 1912 and has got a big network of partners & volunteers, which gives us an amazing opportunity to reach as many people in need as possible within the city bounds.

A brushed mouth is a small step, yet it can not only make the everyday feel a bit fresher, but can also have longterm systemic health impacts and improve confidence - both factors that are crucial on the pathway out of poverty.

Support your health and the health of your community with a new toothbrush today. 


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